About Forged Drinks Melbourne

Australia's finest creation in the beverage industry - a delightful range of zero percent non-alcoholic drinks, proudly made and owned in the land down under.

Unparalleled in its uniqueness, Forged Drinks stands out from the crowd as it has been meticulously crafted, with the cocktail bar scenario in mind. Unlike many non-alcoholic bases, which tend to lose their potency and flavour when combined with other beverages, Forged Drinks defy the norm, preserving their intensity and mouthfeel even when mixed into the most intricate cocktails.

Countless hours of dedication in research and development have led Forged Drinks to achieve an extraordinary feat - replicating the authentic taste profiles of alcohol-based drinks when used as cocktail bases. This remarkable accomplishment has set a new standard in the world of non-alcoholic beverages, captivating mixologists and patrons alike.

Whether enjoyed at a family picnic, shared among friends, or savoured in solitude, these Australian-made beverages exemplify a dedication to health and taste. With every bottle, consumers not only indulge in a guilt-free pleasure but also celebrate the spirit of Australia - a land of boundless possibilities and Flavors that are as rich as its heritage.